JAVS Summer 2023

From the Editor

Dearest readers,

a mystery anonymous viola score found in a used music shop. I never did find if the music was identified— perhaps one of our readers will be the one to finally figure it out? In any case, as you read through this issue full of the past and present, adorned with a photo of some of our founding members taken by our very own AVS Historian Dwight Pounds, I hope it inspires you to consider the connection between where you began and where you are headed. JAVS may not look exactly like the founders originally planned, but for better or for worse, we have succeeded and failed, grown, and continue to build our community through our history and our commitment to always look ahead.

There is something very special about the American Viola Society in my opinion. I see it as this fantastic bridge between our history and our future, where we started and where we are going—and it is all so interconnected and interchanging.

Recently, we were gifted with some of the original American Viola Society Newsletters —the predecessors to the Journal of the American Viola Society . It has been such an inspiring and unique journey to venture through these time capsules and explore what issues violists were fighting for forty years ago, what was important to them, and the inevitable sense of humor that many of our amazing early founders and contributors had. I was so inspired, I decided to pepper this Summer issue with a few of my favorite tidbits from a smattering of the newsletters. My personal favorite is the mystery quiz in “With Viola in Hand” which requests readers to identify

Until the Fall issue, happy reading, friends. And have a wonderful summer!


Christina Ebersohl, Editor

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Journal of the American Viola Society / Vol. 39, Summer 2023 Online Issue


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