JAVS Summer 2023

Example 5: Tartini’s “Furlana.” 7

Example 6: The ten-bar passacaglia melody of “Facsar.” 8

It was difficult for me to find a companion piece for this movement. Passacaglias and chaconnes tend to be long, and I did not want the set to be more than about ten minutes. I also wanted to find something that echoed the slow burn and shifting harmonic sands of “ Facsar .” Eventually I found Domenico Gabrielli’s Ricercari for Solo Cello . Number one begins with a rising figure similar to “ Facsar” and uses some mixed modality that

nicely mirrors Facsar’s harmonic language. Although this particular ricercar is short, as a genre they are often long and complex. Ricercari are a precursor of the fugue, and I liked the intellectual pairing of these two complex contrapuntal forms, even though neither is a classic example. 9

Example 7: Mode Mixture in Gabrielli’s Ricercar no. 1, mm.46-63. 10


Journal of the American Viola Society / Vol. 39, Summer 2023 Online Issue

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