JAVS Fall 2023

From the Editor

Dearest readers,

friend—through them, I learned of a great man with a heart big enough to share.

Like so many of you, I am swayed and pulled by the cycle of the school year: the energetic anticipation from the fresh faces on campus mixing in with the familiar and friendly returning peers; the dash of classes beginning, settling into an even pace for the semester; all while leaves

Whether it was coincidence or some sort of editorial luck-inducing-charm-activation, as I was working on this issue, I received a humble and warm email from violist Alan de Veritch who had just completed some work on an article remembering the great William Primrose, but perhaps not as you may know him … de Veritch’s sincere article “William Primrose ... Off stage: The fascinating human being behind the legend!” is a genuinely beautiful story of friendship, generosity, and quirkiness from their shared years together. Perhaps you don’t get as nostalgic as I do, and that’s ok. But even if you don’t, perhaps use this JAVS issue to take a moment and just be . After all, you could sit and ponder the technique methods for spiccato in Sheronda Shorter’s article “Dibble the Bow,” or lazily peruse the Book Review “ Have Violin, Will Travel — The Louis Persinger Story ” penned by our own fantastic Assistant Editor (and music librarian!) Lanson Wells, or simply read from cover to cover! Either way, whether you sit in nostalgia like me, or jump into the Development Corner with our own Tom Tatton for 5 minutes of you time, I hope that it is just what you need it to be in this season.

begin to slowly change and drop around us as the air turns crisp and the days shorter.

The beginning of the school year—whether you are a student, a teacher, or simply remember a time when—is something that is familiar to us all. To me, there is comfort in remembering, and in sharing a common thread with fellow peers. And sometimes, among all those memories, you can find a hidden moment, beautiful and meaningful, to carry with you into the future. In this Fall issue of the Journal of the American Viola Society , we are honored to reflect on the tributes, pictures and memories submitted to JAVS by family, friends, and colleagues of Dr. David Dalton in “A Community Remembers Dr. David Dalton.” While I was never fortunate enough to have met the legend, I am thankful to this wonderful community for sharing their heartfelt moments of their teacher, their viola mentor, and their

As always, friends, thank you for reading and thank you for your continued community.

V/r, Christina Ebersohl Editor

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Journal of the American Viola Society / Vol. 39, No. 2, Fall 2023


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