JAVS Fall 2023

him, either being a direct student or having studied with his student, Claudine Bigelow. The other profound thing about this visit is that previously, in 2018, I had lectured at Colburn at the American Viola Society Festival on the Primrose Transcriptions. Although Donna, his wife, was there, David was unable to attend. I knew if he had felt up to it, he would have wanted to see my PowerPoint lecture presentation. During that last visit, I did show him that presentation. He was enthralled: asking questions, making comments,

* * *

It is impossible to express how completely Dr. David Dalton touched the lives of friends, students, colleagues, and the community. We here at the American Viola Society thank every single person for sharing their memories, photos, and thoughts with us to create this beautiful memorial to David, and offer you one last thought from Dr. Dwight Pounds: I leave you with one final charge: never forget how much we loved him - and never forget why. Likewise, please bear

clarifying when and who made the Primrose audio recordings. He was at the end of his life and definitely had done enough for viola. There was no need for him to engage nor accolades to be given. It showed me that he truly, truly loves the viola and the interest of his students. Until we meet again … farewell my beloved mentor and friend, Dr. David Dalton. -Tom Tatton

in mind how much he loved...each of us. “Leb’ wohl, leb wohl, lieber Freund, bis wir uns oben treffen.” Farewell, farewell my dear friend, until we meet above.

Journal of the American Viola Society / Vol. 39, No. 2, Fall 2023


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